The Debussy Brand name is a tribute to the French composer Claude Debussy. Innovator in his field, he revolutionized the musical language of his time. Claude Debussy’s obsession was “to capture all the poetry of the night and the day, of the earth and the sky, to rebuild their atmosphere and to rhythm their immense palpitation." With Debussy Smart Listening Objects, we want to honor his obsession by bringing the world of music closer to you. Our devices give you a space to connect directly with the work of your favorite artists, wherever and whenever you want.


Debussy’s smart listening objects empower its user wherever they go. Debussy enables people to let go of the outside world, release their everyday stresses and escape to one of emotion through music and sharing.

Arnaud Perret - CEO of Debussy


A Music Life, Without Frustration.

At Debussy, we believe that music is an infinite source of creativity, emotion, connection and happiness—and that listeners should be able to enjoy that without frustration due to lack of connectivity and poor quality listening devices. At Debussy, we promise to always provide a smooth, uncompromised listening experience. Our Smart Listening Objects help music lovers to connect beautifully to their favorite music and to amplify their life all day long.

F. Chapelin

Claude Debussy in 2018: A Centenary Celebration

Debussy Brand celebrates the centenary of the composer's death with one of his best-known pieces, a magnificent Clair de Lune performed by the internationally recognized pianist François Chaplin.

Download CD Quality - 16-Bit/44,1 kHz

Courtesy of Arion Music, Paris, France -

You & Debussy, be invited to the official launch of Debussy in spring 2018